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1) Why book an introductory call with me?
You are in a place where you want to make changes In your life whether it be personal or professional you want to redesign your happy cultivate more joy whilst improving your wellbeing.
2) What will I get when I book with you?
You will get 1:1 sessions with me via zoom 60mins.

The frequency of the sessions will be subject to package.
3) What does a typical coaching session look like?
We will start by getting an understanding of your situation any issues you have and where you want to go in terms of your goals. We will identify anything that is holding you back or making you stuck and how to support you in getting to where you would like to be.
4) What will the client do?
Typically, the client will journal after the session to reflect what they learned or have taken away from the sessions. They may also complete exercises put together by the coach to facilitate in their process and understanding.
5) Is coaching confidential?
Coaching is a confidential service whereby all issues discussed do not leave the space in which the session was explored as per working agreement.


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